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Posted on 07-31-2013

When I ask a prospective new patient what they have been doing at home to help with their problem, 80% tell me they have been using heat, and that it helps for a while. Please take the time to read why ICE is what you should use,

What Ice Does:

Ice contracts tissue, pushing excess blood and lymph out into the general circulation. When you remove the ice after 15 minutes, your Innate Intelligence directs more blood and lymph into the area to warm it up, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrition to the inflamed tissue. In the 45 minutes after the ice application, the blood and lymph are picking up the inflammatory chemicals (histamines and prostaglandins) that are produced during the inflammatory process. When you re-apply the ice, it again contracts the tissue, literally "pumping" the blood and lymph saturated with those inflammatory products back into general circulation. That pumping action is accomplishing "out with the bad, in with the good".

What Heat Does:  

When you use heat, it brings more blood and lymph into the area. 20 or so minutes after you remove the heat, the tissue in the area that was not inflamed goes back to "normal". The tissue that was already inflamed before you applied heat stays more congested, decreasing the exchange of blood and lymph and generally delaying the healing process.

The Most Therapeutically Effective Ice Protocol:

15 minutes on

45 min       off 

15 min       on

45 min       off

15 min       on

Wait an hour and a half  -  to two hours and repeat

If you use ice with this protocol, you will find better healing and pain relief for most all conditions except chronic arthritis.

If you have any questions, or are interested in seeing if chiropractic is an appropriate approach for health concerns, please call us at 325-5700 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Davis

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