I would like to thank Dr. Davis for helping me with my back pain. He is amazing in his knowledge of the back and how it works. When I came in I could hardly walk, now I’m walking very well. Thank you Dr. Davis for my well being…
– Vinnie S. Fresno, CA

Dr. Mike is the most skilled and compassionate Chiropractor I have ever gone to (and there have been many over the years). He has that ability that only true healers seem to have to be able to zero in on just what it is the patient needs help with right then. He understands how all the body systems work together so he can not only relieve your pain but also restore your health. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
– Kathy F. Concord, CA

Dr. Davis has extensive Chiropractic experience and practices using an activator instrument, as opposed to traditional manual manipulation. This method involves checking the functional leg length while the patient lies in the prone position, noting which leg appears to be shorter than the other and then performing various muscle tests to determine where the subluxation may be. The exact area is then targeted and adjusted with the activator tool. This tool provides just enough force to correct the problem without causing any injury to the patient.

I find this Doctor to be very compassionate, highly skilled and he demonstrates a sincere desire to help the patient to heal – monetary considerations are purely secondary. He also has a wicked sense of humor and a boyish enthusiasm for his work.

I highly recommend Dr. Davis for anyone – whether experiencing back pain currently, or not. Chiropractic should be used as a preventative tool and people should not wait until they are unable to move to seek assistance.

Ask Dr. Davis!
– Shannon W. Fresno, CA